Projection Show – Plassey House 14th April

April 17, 2010 at 12:20 pm (Contemporary Art in the Public Realm)

On the 14th April at Plassey House in UL our masters class, along with music technology, held a fifteen-minute projection show. Over 150 people attended the show including the president of the university. The whole night was a great success and the feedback we received was incredible and unexpected!
Each group choose a particular element from:

· Earth
· Wind
· Fire
· Water
· Spirit

We choose to project fire. The first step was deciding what type of story we wanted to tell with our projection. We sketched out a storyboard to illustrate our story step by step.

The following were the steps involoved……
1. A phoenix would fly across the screen.
2. Lightning would appear from the phoenix setting each part of the building on fire.
3. The flames would get bigger and bigger.
4. Rooms would then start appearing from within the flames.
5. The bathroom would appear first revealing someone running from the bathroom in a towel with the corridor on fire. Then fade out.
6. The kitchen would appear next with somebody trying to put out a chip-pan fire. Then fade out.
7. Sitting room would appear next showing a girl on the couch with the room on fire around her and she is completely unaware of it. Then fade out.
8. Fire blazes for a few seconds.
9. Phoenix rises from the left and lightning appears and enlarges the flames.
10. The last lightning bolt extinguishes the fire.
11. The last scene is the phoenix flying off to the right.

Special thanks to the actors in the videos, namely Lette and my mum!

The soundtrack then needed to be added. Here’s where the Music Technology Masters students applied their expertise to make the show come alive. One general soundtrack was created for the entire show and then each group would edit this to suit their projection. Sound effects were added at certain points to add an extra dimension to each element.

There were some unexpected technical difficulties but only at the very end. Most of the show had been displayed already so it wasn’t too much of a disappointment.

The people that attended seemed to really enjoy it and get pleasure from something we had worked so laboriously on. I had never done anything like this before so it gave me a real sense of pride and achievement I loved seeing the fruits of our labour on such a big stage and in front of such a big crowd. There is discussion of maybe showing it again for some events such as the Special Olympics held on campus in June. It would be wonderful to be able to have another show and it would give us the opportunity to perfect our videos and make the show even more enjoyable.

More vid links….
More will follow shortly!

Next up is the umbrella monster….coming soon!


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