Guided Imagery

March 30, 2010 at 10:15 am (Thesis)

When researching related topics on my dissertation, I found the topic of guided imagery seemed to have some parallels with it.
It is an alternative therapy used to help people with various problems or illnesses. For example it can lower blood pressure, lower stress levels and can help you to reach goals such as weight loss and quitting smoking.
How it works is you imagine a certain image and all associated senses with this image where the goal is to get you into a relaxed and focussed state of mind. The idea is that you mind and body are connected so if you can alter your state of mind relating to your illness or goals it will have a positive physiological response.
This guided imagery has a similar concept to what I am building for my dissertation project. (See Dissertation Blog). The idea behind what I am building is that patients will have an enjoyable experience during the display. It will relax and promote feelings of joy and happiness with both palliative care patients and the elderly. The use of images and stories could have the ability to aid with the patients state of mind and induce a more peaceful mood.
For more information on this see links below.

Guided Imagery Simply Explained……

Here’s a link to a video on Guided Imagery. I’ve tried this and its so effective!……


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